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Are you ready to sleep under the stars? 

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Will you cater for yourself or would you like to book a rich breakfast and one of our popular grill packs?

Our deluxe grill packs usually include a venison steak, a sausage, some vegetables, homemade bread, fresh salad and on top something sweet as a dessert.

We prepare everything ready to eat. All you have to do is make a fire, grill the meat and enjoy it  in the idyll and privacy of your tent or campsite. This is your opportunity for an authentic bush feeling including a romantic campfire under the starry sky and delicious food.

If you do not have your own crockery and cutlery with you, we will of course provide you with this free of charge, as well as a grill rack and grill tongs. Should you need anything else, please let us know and we are sure to be able to take care of that too ;-)

Our grill packs are also available vegetarian



Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly.

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